I do not have a lot of experience with photography but I do love it and feel like I can once in a while capture a nice photo or portrait angle. My roots in creativity lie in music, however visual arts run deep in my family. Particularly from my mother, who runs an art school and gallery called River House Art Studio.


Everyday Photography

Sunset over the Mohawk River

Sunset over the Mohawk River 2022-05-08

One evening, I captured these Sunset over the Mohawk River photos one evening from the Latham, NY bike trail. They were taken using my Canon DSLR. Go here to see

Sunrise from Thatcher Park

Sunrise Thatcher Park 2022-05-05

I took these sunrise from Thatcher Park photos one bright and early morning from the Thatcher Park Overlook using my Canon DSLR… For other interesting horizon pictures check out this

Full Moon 2022-04-15

Full Moon 2022-04-15

The first full moon photo is the one I took with my DSLR. The second is the same image but enhanced using photo editing software. My brother edited my original

Sunset over Mohawk 2022-04-08

Worm Walk

2022-04-04 Photos

Evening 04/04/2022

Rensselaer Train Station

Crescent Moon 10/1/2021

Thatcher Sunrise

The Crossings 9/29/2021

Albany at Night

September 27th, 2021

Sunset over the Mohawk River 09/26/2021

Guitars 09/23/2021

Morning 09/23/2021

Sunset 09/25/2021

Corning Preserve 09/26/2021

Bison Baseball 09/25/2021

River House 09/21

Hudson River | Troy

Pruyn House – 09/2021

Low Light

First Day of Fall 2021