Candlebox – Happy Pills

This song brought joy to my heart. I returned to mixing after a several month hiatus. Due to financial constraints I had to drop my Pro Tools subscription. Therefore, I returned to my beloved Presonus Studio One 2 Professional installation. This thing is a dream come true. Everything in this DAW is easier to use than Pro Tools in my opinion. And its super fast too. You can switch between audio devices WHILE THE SONG IS PLAYING. Pro Tools makes you restart the entire session.

I hope to get back into mixing more and share more and more of my work on this site. I have a lot of time at night after the kids go to sleep to crank out mixes. I’d say if you are in need of someone to mix your song, contact me ASAP.

Without Further Ado…

My latest mix: Candlebox – Happy Pills. Recorded at Telefunken Studios.

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