Going Live and Sharing Music During the Quarantine

Since the inception of this stay-at-home quarantine season, I’ve been doing more going live, and sharing the music that I love with others. Needless to say, life has begun to get more creative here at Studio 3B.

I have also been experimenting with programming tutorials such as Introduction to Java. Needless to say this has been fun, but my real heart is music and thats where this channel will return.

I went live on Thursday evening and that was a whole lot of fun. I’ve been trying to do this about once a week so far.

The first step I do is create a backing-track that I can loop. Then I play over this loop with my guitar, and share the love with the whole audience. Some days this can be pretty fun. Here is a sneak peak of the last “live” session.

This is a ton of fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing it for you.

Sharing my Vinyl Collection

Another video creation, came out of the need to share my vinyl collection with others. Other than going live, sharing music is another topic of conversation on this channel. I chose the topic “10 of My Favorite Vinyl Records in 2020”. This list includes some classics, young and old. It’s gotten several more views than some of my other videos leading me to believe its a topic of interest for more than just myself. Which records are in the list? Here is the video to find out:

Now that this channel is off to a start, I’m hoping to continue to produce more and more valuable content every week!

In Conclusion

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Until next time, happy listening.

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