Hurray for the Riff Raff mixed at Studio 3B

Upbeat and lively…

Check out this very upbeat and lively song by Hurray for the Riff Raff called “Livin in the City”. Recorded at Telefunken Studios, mixed at Studio 3B.

I find this song puts me in a good mood. Within this mix is a varying degree of automation – particularly on the vocals. You will notice in this mix, that the overdrive on the singer’s voice becomes stronger and lesser throughout the mix. This, to me, adds emphasis as well as variation.

There us a nice tempo swaying throughout the song, as well as a lively keyboard riding along the verses and chorus.

Click here for the lyrics… I think there are some interesting phrases in this song. It is a very relatable tune and easy to listen to.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Telefunken Studios and Live from the Lab who provided the stems with which I was able to mix.

They have a lot of amazing content on this site and it is really good practice mixing from there.

Mixed a little while back in a lively and upbeat Studio

Why am I sharing an older mix? Because I still listen to it, and you should too. It will make your day that much better. I was shoveling snow the other day with this song blaring from my phone in my pocket, and let me tell you what… the snow practically shoveled itself, because that is what a good song does.

I kid you not the band came out of my phone and started to shovel my driveway for me, that is exactly how kind they are…

All joking aside, listen now and try my other music later. Thanks for taking the time to share this post and comment below.

The heart is a lonely hunter…

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