How to Install: macOS Monterey OpenCore Hackintosh

This guide will show you how to install macOS Monterey on an OpenCore Hackintosh from a Big Sur or prior installation. This guide assumes you have an existing Hackintosh using the OpenCore method.

Post Install Steps

0:00 Welcome back
0:25 Making the installer in macOS
3:20 Setting up the EFI
6:42 config.plist
10:23 BIOS settings for HDMI iGPU
10:20 Install macOS Monterey
13:16 Congratulations 1
13:19 Typical install steps
14:02 Congratulations 2
14:08 Get EFI onto Monterey SSD
15:44 Post Install Steps

The Video about OpenCore Hackintosh macOS Monterey

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