Vinyl, Music then and Now, Led Zeppelin and CCR Versus What?

Music then and now.

Led Zeppelin or CCR Versus what? These are two new vinyl records bought at Barnes and Noble today. I think they rock. They do. You see, I’ve been having trouble investing in new music these days. I have a Spotify account, and yes, some of the new music on there is “aight”. Yet I still, without fail, revert to the oldies. From a generation before mine in fact. What was it about this generation that produced such good music?

Up for a challenge? Please comment and share below, any recent bands that have taken ahold of you more than the old stuff. I am always up for learning new things. We all need broader horizons when it comes to enjoyment listening.

Ok I mean some newer stuff I like. Let’s see… by newer I mean 2000 and later. I know some people still were not born yet by then (like my kids) but ya know, its pretty new. Looking through my playlist, I’m seeing stuff by Beck (big fan), Pearl Jam, Puscifer, The Black Keys, and more. I know some good bands on the radio I hear from time to time. But would you go out and buy a $25 vinyl record of theirs?

Led Zeppelin IV and CCR Greatest Hits On Vinyl
Led Zeppelin IV and CCR Greatest Hits On Vinyl

Speaking of vinyl

Most people I talk two are in one of two camps about vinyl. Some don’t care/think its stupid and a waste. Others think “man it just sounds better”. I’m in the second camp. If you have hearing problems or just don’t care, then a crunchy MP3 will do just fine. But I’m of the impression if its digital, please be lossless. Better – analog. It retains more nuances and tone in my opinion.

For the old, original recordings (when in the Albany area), I prefer to go to Last Vestige Music Shop. And for a great price usually. (from $1 – $18 for a good one).

For the crisper, newer records I go to Barnes and Nobles. They have all the good stuff, but your looking at $20-$50 per record.

Either way you slice it,

Happy listening.

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