Waiting on Creativity… Virtues For a High Output Day

Waiting on creativity, for a creative person, can be difficult. Not every day is a high output day. Creativity is a lot like an ATM. You get out of it what is put into it. The input needed for creativity to work well, is: life – and experience. These things don’t necessarily happen on queue. Sometimes they take a lot of time and patience. You might just need to wait it out until the spark of ingenuity strikes.

Ingredients Needed While Waiting On Creativity

As a fellow creative person, the desire to put something into the world could possibly exceed the actual “what” you are putting into the world. You need a combination of things to put out something of value.


You need enough time for a shareable idea to arise from your consciousness. Not every fleeting thought is worth sharing with others. Not every thought is worthy of gold status – so to speak. Waiting for the right sequence of events to happen to create a genuine engine of creation is often times the most valuable asset in your artistic toolbox.


Whenever time is of value, thus follows the value of patience. The time-related virtue that allows one to endure, often times long, sequences of events that may or may not produce anything of apparent value. The irony is, however, that these long, drawn out spells of lack of excitement, often times produce, in the end, the fruit of genuine joy and interesting experience.


Sometimes you might have way to many options in front of you to truly create something clean, clear, and understandable. For one option, try limiting the number of materials used in your creation to a few. The old saying goes is that limitation breeds creativity. So if you are feeling overwhelmed with options and lack of a bright idea – try simply limiting your options!

Waiting on Creativity, then Boom

When the time strikes and the moment of creativity hits, set aside your time and commitments as much as possible and lend yourself to sharing this energy in the medium that suits you best. For in the end, what is left when we go but the things we created and the life we shared?

In Conclusion

Being patient, and waiting on creativity is a gift. Using it wisely is a virtue. Learning how to wait through the dry times, and have patience until the good times, is what is truly valueable. When the time comes, share and share away. If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a week or two since my latest content video. That is just something we will all have to deal with. The time will come, and my next idea will be shared. But the lightning needs to strike, and when it does, I will be ready. If you would like to be notified of the next batch of content, feel free to sign up for my periodic email.

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