Basic Yet Quality Turntable Setup For Under $2000

Come review my setup of a basic yet quality turntable setup valued under $2000 from start to finish. This setup is a great quality at a moderate price.

In this video, I will go through the details of how to set up a basic turntable system. We will review things like what is a phono preamp and how it should be connected.

We will go over different types of speakers (active/passive) and how to connect them and when. For the money, this system is fairly powerful, solid, and better yet, great sounding.

The major components in this system are:

A Short Guide

This will serve as a short guide for those being introduced to the vinyl world. There are many people out there that won’t know where to begin, but do have a keen appreciation for the quality and sentiment brought to the listener by the vinyl media.

If you are interested in this basic yet quality turntable, you may also be interested in more information on interconnects, please see this post for some information.

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