A Virtual Tour of Nature (Peebles Island in Cohoes, NY)

If you are stuck at home, here is a virtual tour of nature. Sometimes life is not all about staying in your studio trying to create. Get in touch with the Author of life and the source of creativity. It is by far is the best way to refresh and rejuvenate your being so you are ready to tackle your next project. Going into nature creates creativity by resetting your soul with the truth that we are both the mountain and the dust.

Tour of Nature

Getting in touch with nature is better off done in the wilderness, but when you’re in a time crunch, a tour of Peebles Island, Cohoes, NY will have to do. This place is pretty nice for being set smack in the middle of the Capital Region.

For a more pristine walk you would have to travel north to Lake George or beyond to the Adirondacks.

One thing to caution if you head to the Adirondacks…. beware of black fly season!!! We got eaten alive last year up on Louie Lake right during black fly season. It was a nightmare.

A Virtual Tour

Some people may feel afraid to even go to a park during the Corona Virus epidemic. So for them, and all those stuck at home, here is a virtual tour of nature for you.

Resolving Creativity

In case you were wondering the use of outdoors and exercise when it comes to music, see my previous blog about that topic. Since now we know that nature creates creativity, let’s get some rest and start the day tomorrow off fresh.

In Conclusion

Thanks for taking the time to go on this walk with me, I hope you can find some inspiration in it so you too can go home and create something wonderful.

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