Easy Backups With IDrive

Let’s take a look at how you can have easy backups with IDrive from Mac, Linux and Windows, and also take a look at the powerful web UI. Not bad for the cost.

For Mac and Windows, installation is easy. You can download the installer from their website, and easily run the program, and schedule/configure backups.

A Glimpse at the Windows Program

There’s not much to say about the Windows IDrive program, it just works. You can control which folders are backed up, and when they are backed up. You can configure restore locations and also the location of the Shared folder, which is available from their service also. It works a lot like One Drive or Google Drive, wherein it syncs to your computer on multiple devices.

IDrive - Windows
The WIndows IDrive Interface

A Look a the macOS Version

The macOS System runs very much like the Windows version, in that it comes with an installer and runs in a graphical window, and lets you choose and change your settings. I prefer macOS to Windows day and night. You will notice that I am a huge supporter of the OpenCore Hackintosh system and love to use macOS due to its formidable stability and power.

IDrive - macOS version

The Fully Scripted Linux Version

For Linux, there is another level to do. You can download the scripts here. I recommend putting them in the /opt directory. Once you make the .pl scripts executable, run /opt/IDrive/account_settings.pl. This will set up your computer for backups.

A list of the scripts available
A list of the scripts available

The Crazily Powerful and Easy Backups with IDrive through the Web Interface

From there on out, the web interface will give you complete control from anywhere.

IDrive - Web Interface
The IDrive Web Interface

Thanks for watching this video about easy backups with IDrive

Thanks for watching this video about a completely easy backups with IDrive for Linux, Mac and Windows. Head to the archives for more Studio3B content.

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