My Home Office Studio and Server Area

I’ve got quite the home office studio and server area setup in this area of my house, come take a look at my home office equipment.

0:00 Intro
0:24 The Desk
0:28 Yamaha HS7’s
0:32 Auratone 5C’s
0:42 Mackie Big Knob
0:50 Sennheiser HD650s
0:57 Focusrite 2i4 Audio Interface
1:02 USB 3.0 Hub (Atolla brand)
1:08 Mouse and Keyboard
1:22 Main Workstation Computer
1:33 Fosi Audio HD-A1 Power Amplifier
1:44 Schiit Audio Magni Heresi Headphone Preamp
1:55 The Microphone (Shure SM58)
2:04 The Servers
2:08 Dell Poweredge R510
1:24 Web Server running WordPress on Debian
2:48 PFSense Router
3:29 Verizon FIOS Box
3:35 Jimi Hendrix
3:39 WiFi Router
3:42 On Air
3:52 Conclusion

Yamaha HS7
Auratone 5C’s
Schiit Magni Heresy
Fosi Audio HD-A1
Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100
Focusrite 2i4
Sennheiser HD650
Mackie Big Knob
Shure SM58 Microphone
Dell Poweredge R510
Gentoo Linux
macOS Big Sur
Mixbus 32
Mogami: (Mic and Balanced Cables)
Blue Jeans Cables (Speaker Cable, Cat6a cable, RCA cable, etc)
Atolla USB 3.0 Hub
Verizon FIOS

Thanks for watching about my home office studio and server area

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