Bitten by The Golf Bug. Next Stop… Pebble Beach?

I’ve played golf in the past, 18 years ago… a lifetime ago. Last year I dusted my clubs off for one or two rounds. This year I’m bitten by the golf bug. I was finally even given a set of decent clubs to finally play on.

Aaron's Clubs

The addiction became fierce. If I wasn’t on the course, I was at the driving range.

Aaron at Driving Range

I was bitten by the golf bug, then it happened.

Injury. Overused muscles. This guy is totally out of shape and by no means designed to hold up to the abuse.

Currently on day 5 of not playing due to what I believe to be tendonitis in my back, under my armpit. Before that I had to take a break from chest muscle pain. I think I need to start an exercise routine.

Much needed exercise

My wife and I have begun taking long walks through Peebles Island together in the morning at least once or twice a week. I need to muster the courage to employ some calisthenics in my daily routine.

Being fit should hold together my golf game much more that being out of shape does now.

That being said, this is all a huge excuse not to be making music lately! The weather has been so nice, with only intermittent rain and t-storms, most days are sunny and beautiful. Given that we are still in COVID season, the options for recreation are somewhat limited. Golf is a natural pursuit.

Having the youth be bitten by the golf bug also

I’ve even gotten my 4 year old into it. His swing is better than many his age!

Bitten by the golf bug... Connor's golf backswing

I hope to be able to get back out there soon, and apply some tips I learned while taking my first golf lesson at The Town of Colonie Golf Course. Three more lessons are to come. My second is postponed due to said injury.

Rather hear music instead?

In the mean time, come check out one of my more recent videos showcasing the Cry Baby 350Q we recently bought for Studio 3B.

Also come check out a newer and better mix of Coldplay’s Clocks.

In Conclusion

All in all – let the creativity happen, whether its in your studio or out in the field!

Till next time.

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